The Advantages of Building Your Own Home

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Building a Custom House

Have you been looking for a house and just have not found what you are looking for? Is there a certain picture in your mind that these homes are just not living up to? Many people have had this problem. There is a solution to having the home that you want and it is by building it yourself!


Many homeowners have opted to build their own home rather than settle for a home that is move-in ready. Here are the many benefits that come with designing your own home.


The Benefits of Designing Your Own Home


As stated before, buyers tend to view at least 10 homes and the effort proves to be fruitless. Building a house allows the owner to create exactly what they want and need out of their home. Whether you want a larger bedroom or a wraparound porch, you can choose and change any aspect of the house you want.



Often times, your dream home tends to be in a pricey area which causes the value of the house to go up. Building your own home in a less expensive neighborhood can make it the more affordable option.


Be sure to set a budget beforehand and work closely with your builders to ensure you stick to that budget.



If you are a big supporter of the environment and work to conserve, a new home can adhere to these ideals. You can use eco-friendly building materials in your construction for example reclaimed wood is a recyclable material and a wonderful design element. You can purchase energy-efficient appliances and other products to go into your home as well. Many homeowners have not only seen the environmental benefits but the monetary benefits as well. They have reported lower utility bills compared to those from their previous homes.


Custom Home Construction in Atlanta

At U.S. Legacy Co. we provide the services for all homeowners looking to move into their dream home. Our construction services work with you to make your vision come to life!


For more information about our services then please contact our office at 866.573.9517. We look forward to working with you.


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5 thoughts on “The Advantages of Building Your Own Home

  1. Louise Clark

    My friend and his wife want to build a home, but can’t decide on a design. You mentioned that you should figure out your style and try to keep it consistent. Do architects offer help with this type thing? I wonder if they have consulted with a professional to try and find what kind of style they like.


    • admin_legacy

      Great Question Louise,
      Architects will present several options of designs, however the ultimate decision is up the the purchasers. Our advice is to have each of the parties, wife and husband in this case, list specific items they each like and compare this list to refine commonalities before presenting to an architect to draw. Designers can be of great help during this process to consult on market trends. -Justin


  2. Frank Delaware

    It’s always been a dream of mine to have a custom home, and I was curious about how you would benefit from it. It’s amazing that you can put anything you want into the house, and get what you want from it. Since we have a pretty big family, it would be nice to get an open living space and a bigger kitchen.


  3. Rachel Frampton

    The reason I want to build over buying a home is that whatever I build will be uniquely mine. I want some pretty wild stuff in my dream home and the right builder will be able to give me what I want the first time. If I buy a home, I will have to do an expensive remodel while I am living there. It’s better to get it done first and not have to deal with it.


  4. Kylie Dotts

    I like how you said that you could build your home in a neighborhood that is a little less expensive in order to lower the cost of the home. It would make sense that things like utility installation and sewage would probably cost a little less as well because you weren’t living in as pricy of an area. It would also be really nice if you had a bit of say on where those things get placed because then you wouldn’t have to worry about accidentally hitting something when digging a hole to put a tree in or something like that.


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