28Mar, 2016

The Right Flooring for Your Home

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Picking the Perfect Flooring for Your Home Replacing the flooring in your home is a daunting task. There are many factors to consider when making the change. For a homeowner, flooring needs to fit with their personal taste and function. It is an aspect of your home that will be used every day to walk, stand, sit, and even played upon. Here we have broken down various types of flooring by which rooms they suit best.   Kitchen Durability and ease of cleaning are the two most important factors when […]

21Feb, 2016

Making the Choice to Repair or Replace an Appliance

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When your appliances aren’t working properly, it negatively affects the household by causing added stress. As the appliances reduce in ability, they pose an increasing inconvenience to you and your family. Then you are posed with the question, “Should I repair or replace my appliance?”   Repair or Replace? When the refrigerator goes warm or the washing machine stops spinning, you may face a crucial question: Is it worth spending time and money getting an appliance repaired, or would it be wiser to replace it? It all depends on the […]

17Jan, 2016

US Legacy Appliance Repair: Washer Repair

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It’s easy to start stressing as soon as you discover one of your household commercial appliances isn’t working properly. Well, if you were just browsing through company websites and happened to find yourself on this one, you just found the experts in appliance repair. We believe that more often than not, the wisest and most cheap solution is having your appliances repaired rather than replaced. Not only are the repairs easy on your budget, they’re also the environmentally friendly choice.   U.S. Legacy offers expert appliance repair services to homes […]

17Dec, 2015

U.S. Legacy: Providing Strategic Leadership in Preservation Services One Home at a Time

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Welcome to U.S. Legacy’s official Blog! We are #1 among real estate developers in Georgia! Our group of master planners, engineers, surveyors, architects, technicians, and landscape professionals take pride in giving excellent support and service to our clients. We have over 75 combined years of experience in real estate development and preservation services. As dependable, full-service technicians, we’re committed to delivering exceptional, long lasting results. Our customers are our top priority. It’s important that we provide them with professional advice for your home development, and preservation. With that being said, […]