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Starting with subdividing or adding land parcels into a development to Land Use and Zoning changes and Land Disturbance Permits – we can turn raw land to cleared, graded, and fully developed properties, subdivisions, light commercial retail space. Providing Underground Utilities, Tree Clearing Services, paving the roads and preparing a fully permitted land lots for New Construction projects.

We own and operate our own Grading and Excavating equipment which allows us to utilize it when necessary regardless of the size of the clients requests or project needs. Our exceptionally picked operators must have over 10 years in experience to operate our heavy equipment allowing very efficient use of time during full property development projects.

We’ll take on any size of project to maximize your profits, minimize risk and control cash flow. US Legacy Co will Identifying and develop the best scheme for the local marketplace and satisfy the local planning process. We will arrive on the premises and analyze development prospects and deliver a full report to you about where enhancements or improvements can be made. Our suggestions will always line up with the best design practice and political sensitivities in mind. We know how important social requirements can be in regards to a project with the overarching objective of increasing the value of the land and your profit margins as a landowner and/ or developer.

Your house flip or dream home is only a click away. US Legacy contractors have experience in all phases of residential and commercial land development. We pride ourselves on being completely transparent and will answer all of your questions during the consultation. When it comes to handling the necessary permits and licensing, you won’t have to worry about any headaches or technicalities- US Legacy Co takes care of the stressful part.

US Legacy will find raw land for your investment or commercial building needs and can also work to develop your previously purchased land. We’ll demolish, plan and build the lot exactly to your plans. Then we’ll put in the sewer, water, electric lines and even the streets and curbs too. All groundwork will be laid out and you’ll be informed every step of the way in regards to progress and completion. Our commercial development expertise comes backed by years of experience and we guarantee your satisfaction.


shutterstock_409947610 US Legacy Co offers a wide variety of residential demolition services for our customers. Our team of expert demolition contractors meticulously plan out each demolition project phase allowing us to anticipate potential problems that could occur during our operation. They ensure excellence and earn customer satisfaction by exceeding expectations. US Legacy’s primary goal is to meet all the needs of our clients in a timely, and flexible manner. With their assortment of tools and heavy equipment for crushing and screening, our crew members are able to demolish any residential property safely and effectively. If you need any part of your household demolished you can rest easy knowing that US Legacy contractors are insured and will work hard to provide you with the level of professionalism and expertise you should expect from any high-quality residential demolition company.

The company conceives all of their project services to meet the time and cost needs of their clients while still complying with all PSHA safety and environmental regulations. We take pride in our business practice to reduce, reuse and recycle absolutely every debris from our demolition projects. In support of the LEED program, US Legacy has worked to create new methods and demolition plans aimed towards increasing our recycling rate. We perform recycling of concrete, metals, aggregates, lumber, masonry, and etc. We will always continue to implement these new green goals for our company to both save our clients money and to preserve the environment. Our priorities are to exceed all scheduling and cost performance goals as well as being able to meet all residential demolitions needs, big or small, in a strictly safe manner.