Grading & Excavating


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Grading & Excavating

US Legacy Co is a full service team dedicated to your excavating and grading project needs. Homeowners and business investors alike call us for their excavating projects. From brand new roads and drive ways to demolition and backfilling, you can stop your search for a professional excavation and grading service. Our contractors and technicians are available to complete your projects no matter how big or small.

What US Legacy Offers


  • Quality, Expert Workmanship
  • Reliable Advice for Your Projects
  • Fair Market Rates with No Hidden Agenda
  • Cutting Edge Technology
  • Knowledgeable Professionals at Your Disposal
  • Trusted Technicians Working around the Clock Until Project Completion
  • Experienced, Reliable Contractors For Any Project- Large or Minor

Expert Grading and Excavating

As expert grading contractors in Roswell, GA we know the importance of trusted experience and concise work. Regardless if your needs are for a traditional trench foundation or a complex caisson system, US Legacy will get the job done. We offer full service excavation and grading services and are happy to provide a free quote for your project.

The modern marvels we see today throughout Georgia and U.S. such as skyscrapers, highways and mansions are thanks to the modern technologies of grading and excavating. Building goals can quickly be thwarted by uneven or chunky terrain that borderlines the definition of “hilly”. US Legacy’s team of land grading professionals can even out your land and make your entire building project a great success.

Our contractors have the tools and experience you need to complete your landscaping projects. With years of experience and the knowledge of cutting edge grading technologies, your land will be prepared exactly as you envision it. Lack of proper land grading is often the very thing keeping builders from doing their job. In order to execute a successful construction project, you must start from the ground up.

Excavating, Grading & Exterior Services

  • General Excavation and Grading
  • Driveways
  • Backfilling
  • Water Main Installation
  • Bury Gas Tanks
  • Commercial Storm Drain
  • Pads & Parking Lots
  • Skyscrapers
  • Terrain Flattening and Regeneration
  • Commercial Asphalt & Concrete
  • Commercial Overhead Door
  • Lakefront and General Landscaping
  • General Contractor Work
  • Roads and Highways
  • Heavy Duty Lawn Treatment and Service
  • Footers
  • Basements
  • General and Complex Demolition
  • New Ponds
  • Waterlines
  • Final Grading
  • Gravel, Mulch and Fill Dirt

US Legacy works in Roswell, GA but also services the surrounding 75 miles around Atlanta as well. You won’t find better excavating and grading services near Atlanta, Georgia.