Home Restoration: Preserving a Piece of History

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Choosing Restoration Over a Remodel

When it comes to home, there is truth in the phrase “They don’t make them like they used to.” Every decade sees a distinct style when it comes to home architecture. Over time, your home becomes more than a building that you make a home in but a snapshot of history. That does not mean that they will stand forever, they will require a bit of help from the homeowner.


It would be easy to simply remodel your home to fit the current trends but you would lose the historical charm of your home. Which is why many homeowners choose to remodel their home rather than remodel. Restoration allows you to update your home by bringing out its former glory.


How to Restore Your Home to Its Original Glory


Identify the Unique Aspects of Your Home

Restoration requires homeowners to look at their home and understand its history through its architecture. Research and find out what aspects of your home are historical. Find out how they looked originally since restoration means returning your home to its original look.


This does not mean you have to return everything to exactly how it was. You will want to have updated electrical wiring and plumbing.


Choose Your Materials

Some liberties you can take in the type of materials you use. When conducting your research, look at the original designs and the materials. You can construct the original design but use sturdier materials.


Stick to the Original Time Period

It is easy to fall into the trap of using earlier or later time periods when restoring your home. Your home’s architecture will give away the time period making the changes extremely transparent.


You can integrate modern design as long as you do not sacrifice the integrity of the home’s original design.


Seek Out a Professional for Restoration in Atlanta

Atlanta is a city that is filled with a plethora of historical homes. Their history and charm integral to the history of not only the town but the country.


At US Legacy Co. our professionals aid in the restoration of your home so that you can have all the convenience of modern living without losing the historical aspect of your home.


For more information, please peruse our site.

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