5 Warning Signs That Suggest It’s Time to Renovate Your Home

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We all love a decent, comfortable home. But a great home will not stay in top shape forever without proper maintenance. That is why home renovation should always be a part of your home improvement checklist every 10 or 20 years – or whenever needed.


However, the reality is many homeowners do not come across the idea of home renovation unless a serious problem shows itself, like a leak on the roof during a heavy downpour or overflowing toilet due to blocked drainage. For these people, they find tinkering with stuff at home or replacing something that’s already there can be quite expensive. Do you feel the same way?


Well, let me tell you this – renovating a house doesn’t always mean spending. If you think about it, home renovation will actually make your home more presentable and improve the way you live in it. Additionally, it will add value to your property should you decide to sell it later or rent it out.


To avoid accumulating costs and to prevent further damage in the future, we have compiled a list of warning signs that your home may be in need of renovation.


The floor tiles are starting to loosen or detach.

Due to heavy foot traffic, along with carrying multiple furniture pieces, flooring can get damaged throughout the years. Moreover, if you use improper adhesive or strong chemicals on your floor tiles, they may eventually crack, detach, or just break apart.


When you notice any of these signs, call a carpenter right away and have the old tiles be replaced with new ones. It is also important to use the right type of tile adhesive and dry it up first before placing any heavy furniture on it.


The roof is leaking.

The roof is supposed to protect you from the sun, wind, cold weather, and rain. But if a part of your roof is not doing its job, then you definitely need to do something about it. To determine if your roof is not in top shape anymore, look for water stains that extend across ceilings or are running down the walls. If you find one, check your roof and have it fixed immediately. Even if it doesn’t seem to bother you that much, don’t wait for more serious problems to happen. Small roof leaks can lead to damaged ceilings, uneven insulation, broken sheathing, rotted framing, and molds – which would cause a lot more inconvenience and more expensive repairs.


The paint starts to chip.

For many reasons, including time, dust and dirt, and low quality paint job, the paint on your walls can chip and make the interior or exterior of your house look ugly. To prevent this, do a regular check on your house paint and look for signs of chipping or cracking.


If you decide to repaint the entire house or just a section of it, make sure to remove the existing paint and clean the walls properly. Fix uneven surfaces too by applying putty on holes, so that the new paint will adhere evenly and smoothly to the wall.


You notice clogged drains and other plumbing problems.

One of the worst nightmares homeowners face is when the bathroom pipes get clogged and the water does not pass through the drain. Whether it’s in the sink, toilet bowl, or bathtub, experiencing plumbing problems is no fun at all. While there may be temporary remedies available, it is still best to call professional plumbers or handymen to find out the root cause of the problem and how to completely fix it.


Termites start invading your home.

Termites may be small but they can be incredible, especially when they come in groups to attack furniture pieces or your entire home. If you have plenty of wooden materials inside your home or if some parts of your house are constructed using wood, make sure to check them regularly. Knock on these woods and watch out for hollow sounds. If you hear it, termites may have started to destroy the wood. For situations like this, it is best to call pest control professionals right away to prevent more damage. To prevent termite attacks and infestation, have your home sprayed with solignum every six months.


Home is where we find comfort and peace. Do not let these small inconveniences ruin the luxury of living that you deserve. Do not wait until your house falls completely apart before you undertake home renovation. As soon as you notice these warning signs, be sure to take the right actions fast. For property preservation and home repairs, US Legacy Co. will take care of your home and make sure that you live in the most comfortable way you deserve.


For more information, please visit our site or contact us at 866.573.9517.

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