Single Family Homes

We offer new build services as excellent investment opportunities for land developers and those looking for passive real estate income. From the ground up, we build single family homes complete with modern designs, fresh paint, fencing, brand new carpets, hardwood or laminate flooring, furniture installation, ground work for plumbing, garages, basement suites and so much more. As a full circle real estate development company, we offer experienced professionals, top of the line equipment and a large list of happy clients.


US Legacy Co will build beautiful and spacious turn key condo units. Sought after amenities such as fully upgraded kitchens with stainless steel appliances, fireplaces, rooftops, gyms, iron / steel fencing, fountains outdoor pools, and extra luxuries are just the tip of the iceberg. We can build the exact set of condominiums you envision or we can handle the entire design process with little to no input from you. Either way, we guarantee you’ll be satisfied with the work.


Create a solid income by investing in US Legacy Co and owning your own apartment units. Even if you are a seasoned land or property owner, we offer full services to negotiate the right property location and build apartments that are eye-catching, desirable and move-in ready. When US Legacy Co builds apartment units, you can be sure they will be top of the line including (but not limited to): new appliances, parking structures/ garages, secure lots, up to date HVAC and electrical.

Rental-Grade Homes

We will handle all aspects of seeking out, marketing and negotiating for your rental grade property. From complete renovations and rehabilitation to remodeling and minor repair work all the way down the line to complete overhauls and rebuilds. Owning a rental home is a fantastic investment choice. The long term profits are undeniable and we will build a home that lasts. No need to worry about the wear and tear that rental properties sometimes encounter- when we build a rental grade home, we use only the best materials.


We’ll divide your land into desirable pieces for future investing in order to create a community that is visually appealing to prospective home owners and others hoping to purchase a home or multiple . Improvements and enhancements will be made exactly to your expectations.

US Legacy can transform your house into your dream home. With so many options to choose from, it’s worth your effort to hire a professional like US Legacy. We are experts at residential projects and have experience with all designs and style expectations. We’ve worked on old homes that need rejuvenation as well as newer homes that need a few bells and whistles.