Vital Tips on How to Winterize Your Home

“Winter is coming.”

If you’ve uttered this phrase many times in your life, you’re probably a fan of a certain TV show with dragons and white walkers in it. Or you’re a homeowner always worried about the cold season coming and what it can do to your home, and your expenses!

If you’re one of the latter, keep on reading and stop worrying. As we’re about to enter the winds of winter, we’ll give you some tips on how you can winterize your home now to save money all season long.

Winter doesn’t have to be something you dread. As long as you make proper precautions like doing proper HVAC repair and HVAC maintenance, it can be a season you enjoy with the whole family. It can just be a season like the others without you having to worry about racking up huge energy bills.

Windows and Doors

The windows and doors are the top two main culprits for heat leaks in a house. This is why you should check these two things before winter. Here are the things you need to do:

  • Check all of your windows for leaks, especially if you have wooden windows as these often warp. If they have leaks, caulk both sides of your windows.
  • For old or inefficient windows, consider replacing them.
  • Remove window-unit air conditioners and have this area sealed.
  • To prevent door leaks, use a draft snake which you can make out of any fabric scraps or even just a rolled up towel. Just insert this under the door.
  • Always keep closet doors closed to prevent having to necessarily heat this space.
  • Rooms that are not in use should also be kept closed and their vents shut.
  • Consider installing storm windows and doors. A storm door can increase energy efficiency in your house by up to 45%.

Furnace and HVAC Maintenance

Your furnace needs a proper tune-up just like your car to ensure that it’s working well. So before winter comes make sure you have this cleaned, lubricated and adjusted. Call an expert that offers HVAC maintenance and repair and first, have your furnace checked then repaired if there are any problems. It’s best to take care of them now while cold wind isn’t blowing through your house yet. So call an HVAC maintenance and repair professional to assist you with this.

If you have an old furnace that’s more than 10 years old, you may want to consider replacing it. Old models tend to use up more fuel so this will cost you more. Upgrading to a new model may be a bit expensive but it will benefit you in the long run as it’s cost-effective.

Don’t forget to replace your furnace filter. This should be done every month during the warmer months. You don’t want dirty filters in your furnace as dust build-up will restrict airflow and this will mean more energy required.

Air Conditioning Unit and Water Lines

Drain your air conditioning unit’s hoses and pipes and rid the equipment of any excess water that may have collected inside it. Turn off the shutoff valve and exterior water spigots. This will prevent any excess water to be stored in the equipment and avoid clogging up your water pipes.

Here are a few things you need to do regarding your water pipes:

  • For water lines, insulate those around your water heater and then set it to “warm.”
  • Prevent water pipes from freezing during the cold months by insulating cold pipes.
  • Water pipes that run through unheated areas of the house should be wrapped.

You can also ask help from your trusted HVAC maintenance and repair expert to help you with any of these.


Never forget your thermostat. It’s expected that you will turn up your thermostat during winter as you want to keep your home warm. But you should remember to turn down the heat when you leave your home. Even when you go to sleep you should not have your thermostat up. Set it at 50 to 55 degrees during these times. Turning down your thermostat even just one degree lower will give you 1-3% savings in your bill.

To make it more convenient, you can get a programmable thermostat and then set it to automatically lower the temperature during the times when you’re at work and at night. This way you just have to do it once and don’t have to remember to do it every time you work or go to sleep. The thermostat will already do it for you. Easy peasy!

Winter can be a comfortable and worry-free season for you. Just make sure to follow these tips so you don’t get shocked by the huge energy bills that you’ll get during the cold months.

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